The Collaboratory is a truly grassroots project.  Contractors have donated their services, companies have donated materials, community members have donated their labor, hundreds of individuals have given financially, and numerous people are beginning to volunteer in the programs we are starting to host.  Here are some ways you can support the Collab:


With an amazing outpouring of support, we’ve been able to renovate the Mixing Chamber and Incubator Coworking Space, but are still trying to raise funds to complete the Learning Kitchen and Community Park & Garden.  You can donate through our secure electronic giving service.  Just input your donation in the “Collaboratory Project Fund” and we will send you a tax-deductible donation receipt.  Valley & Mountain is the fiscal sponsor of the Collaboratory so you will be directed to a page hosted by V&M by clicking the blue button below:



Handy?  Or just willing to wield a broom or a paintbrush once in a while?

Contact Julian Herrera, our volunteer Collaboratory Building Team Leader,, to help with manual labor and facility work.  (note: this is popular with people who live in their heads too much or do highly relational work and need to do some physical work once in a while!)

Passionate about nutrition, food, ecology, gardening, and equity?  
Contact Ariel Bangs, head chef at Taste International,, if you want to help with our kitchen, park and garden, community meal, cooking, food justice, and eco-justice work.

Artistic, musical, or a lover of the beauty?
Contact Ben Hunter, director of Community Arts Create,, to get involved in our public and peoples arts programs, jam sessions, Rhapsody’s folk and blues programs, beautification projects, spatial design work, and other projects that are continually emerging.

Spiritual, yogic, or interested in the intersection of soul work and justice work?
Contact John Helmiere, convener of Valley & Mountain,, to help with our community yoga program, meditation and contemplation classes, V&M Celebrations, and various social justice actions that we do.

Friendly, social, passionate about building diverse and inclusive community?
Contact Ben Hunter,, to help staff the welcome desk and drop-in center at the Collaboratory, creating a hospitable space for any and all.

Logical, organized, and strategic?
Contact John Helmiere,, to help us develop the systems, infrastructure, and protocol that will make the most of this collaborative energy.


We are now accepting interns who want to develop skills need to advance social change.  Interns will gain valuable skills particularly important in the non-profit world such as: organizing, community building, strategic planning, communications, neighborhood engagement, program development, fundraising, and financial and facility management.  Depending on the intern’s needs, it is possible to work under the auspices of Community Arts Create or Valley & Mountain, both 501c3 non-profit organizations.  Email Ben Hunter, at, to pursue this option.

Spread the Word

Help others learn about what we are doing here.  Share this website, tell your friends and contacts who may benefit from becoming partners, and like our Facebook Page!

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