The spacious Coworking Office is designed to foster creativity and collaboration.  With a separate entrance on Rainier Ave, the office includes amenities such as multiple conference rooms, one-on-one meeting rooms, and phone booths, as well as shared office equipment.  It provides shared workspace and networking opportunities to small non-profits and individuals with a social change mindset.  The office is a stepping stone for ventures that have outgrown the living room and coffee shop.  It is also a place that helps people working in isolation enjoy the benefits of a productive and communal environment.

  • Large shared workspace
  • A variety of workspace options, including a “quiet space” room
  • Large-screen monitors
  • 2 Conference rooms
  • 2 Counseling/intake/one-on-one meeting rooms
  • Shared office equipment
  • High speed internet
  • Storage lockers
  • Mail boxes
  • Space for signage
  • Networking and ongoing education opportunities

The Coworking Office is a collaborative, shared workspace for the mutual benefit of all of the partners and for the community at large.  If you are interested in being part of the Coworking Office, see our Coworking Page, or reach out to


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