The Collaboratory is made up of four distinct spaces.(Submit form for space reservation)

The Mixing Chamber is a large multipurpose space.  It is the visual centerpiece of the Collaboratory.  Large windows, weathered brick walls, and a prominent portico make this an enticing place for events, programs, workshops, classes, or just to drop in for a while.

The Coworking Office is designed to foster creativity and collaboration.  With a separate entrance on Rainier Ave, the office includes amenities such as multiple conference rooms, one-on-one meeting rooms, and phone booths, as well as shared office equipment.  It provides shared workspace and networking opportunities to small non-profits and individuals with a social change mindset.  The office is a stepping stone for ventures that have outgrown the living room and coffee shop.  It is also a place that helps people working in isolation enjoy the benefits of a productive and communal environment.

The Learning Kitchen is a roomy space with plenty of natural light.  Once the remodel is complete, it will empower culinary arts programs, nutrition classes, feeding and food prep space, and community meals held right here at the Collab.

The Community Park & Garden is turning a 4,000 sq ft vacant and overgrown lot behind the building into a welcoming, open, outdoor community park and garden that brings people together in public greenspace and provides delicious organic produce.


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