Job Posting: Collaboratory Manager

Job Posting: Collaboratory Manager 

Organization: Hillman City Collaboratory
Position: Collaboratory Manager
Hours: 20 hours per week
Compensation: $24,000 (~$24/hr); 4 weeks paid vacation (no benefits offered)
Start Date: as soon as possible
Location: 5623 Rainier Ave South, Seattle, WA 98118
How to Apply: email cover letter and resume to by Oct 16, 2017

*The Collaboratory is committed to hospitality, inclusion, social justice and celebrates the historical racial diversity of the Hillman City neighborhood. We especially encourage people of color and members of other underrepresented groups to apply.

About the Collab: The Hillman City Collaboratory (“Collab”) is a hub for visionaries and community builders in South Seattle. Founded in 2013 by two innovative community based organizations, Valley & Mountain and Community Arts Create, the Collab has become a home for dozens of organizations, artists, activists, social entrepreneurs, and residents who come together to listen deeply and to exercise collaborative power for social change. The Collab brings people together through programs, shared resources, shared space, and by operating as an accessible location that many can call home. We are a launch pad for action, art, love, and liberation.

Reason for Hiring: The Collaboratory is growing. We seek a Manager to create and oversee systems of management, administration, and communication. We also need an anchoring, committed, stable presence in the midst of our growth and amid a variety of stakeholders. Finally, even though we are growing, we want to increase awareness and use of the space.

Job Summary: The Collaboratory Manager will lead the creation and facilitation of systems for management, administration, and communications for the Collaboratory. Approx. 20% of the Manager’s time will involve administrative support for the Collab’s fiscal sponsor, Valley & Mountain.

Manager Responsibilities:

  1. Management
    • Developing standard operating procedures and policies
    • Volunteer management (sending reminders, matching new volunteers with organizational needs, etc)
    • Project management
    • Oversight of maintenance and cleaning (includes ability to spot clean as needed)
    • Designing and implementing programs that put our mission into practice
  2. Administration
    • Maintaining inventory
    • Managing contact, volunteer, and donor lists
    • Handling basic financial transactions such as paying bills and scanning checks
    • Assessing coworker usage and sending invoices
    • Use web-based administrative tools
  3. Communications
    • Serving as Collab Ambassador, e.g. giving tours, providing orientations
    • Promoting the Collab’s brand recognition (via social media, web, print materials)
    • Communicating with the Collab’s volunteers, donors, and other users (via email, newsletters, etc)
    • Updating calendar of events (web and physical)
    • Receiving correspondence and orchestrating a response
    • Making weekly bulletins (for V&M)
  4. Other duties as assigned

Required presence: Present at the Collaboratory 4-5 days a week (specific hours to be discussed with candidates); monthly board meetings (on a weekday evening); attend monthly section leaders meetings (midday meeting); attend monthly coworker meetings (midday); special events (occasional fundraisers, mixers, etc).

Desired traits: Decisive; Flexible; Deep listener; Capable of holding others accountable to commitments; Adaptable; Organized; Social intelligence; Committed to the Collaboratory’s mission.

Desired skills and experience: Building, managing, and improving systems; Administration; Volunteer management; Project management; Using cloud-based software; Tracking budget expenses; Delegation; Inventory control; Communications management.

Reports to: Collaboratory Board. Eventually, will report to Director of Operations (position not yet created) who will oversee multiple Collaboratory locations.

Colleagues: Story-Keepers

Direct Reports: Section Leaders, Specialists, General Volunteers

Hiring Process: Send applications to by Oct 16th. Interviews will be scheduled during the weeks of Oct 16th and 23rd at times mutually agreeable for the search committee and interviewee. Ideally, the Manager begins on or before Nov 1st.