Event Staffer Responsibilities

Groups having an event at the Collab must hire our event staffer. The staffer’s responsibilities and non-responsibilities are below. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, the event organizer (the person who signs the contract) must be the final person to leave the premise, other than the Collab Event Staffer. Groups who use the Collab frequently and have an excellent track record of responsible behavior may make a request to the Collab Events Manager to self-manage and self-clean.

Event Staff Responsibilities

  • Give groups access to the building
  • Interacting with the event organiser to answer questions about where to find things and troubleshooting facilities-related issues
  • Orient your volunteer to the use of the A/V equipment
  • Check for compliance with regulations
  • Do the deep cleaning and lock up of the space. This includes: wiping down surfaces, sweeping, mopping, re-arranging furniture, taking out trash/recycling/compost, general tidying and deep cleaning.

The Event Staffer is NOT responsible for:

  • Helping set-up the space for the event organizer
  • Taking tickets at the door or staffing any station in the building
  • Running A/V during the event
  • Running errands for the event organizer
  • Doing your dishes, collecting general trash. In other words, you cannot have a big party and just walk out the door. You will need to do the basics: do your dishes, put all the trash/recycling/compost in your bins, pack up and take away your materials (including all food and drink you bring, which must be removed from the premises before you leave– do not store it in our fridge or pantry!)