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Valley & Mountain is a co-founder of the Hillman City Collaboratory, along with Community Arts Create.   Valley & Mountain Fellowship is a spiritual community/church located in Hillman City that is at the intersection of…

building community

seeking spiritual maturity

working for social and environmental justice

and fostering creativity.

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Founded in 2010, the Valley & Mountain community met in living rooms, coffee shops, community centers, a school gym, the streets, restaurants, bars and parks and now meets at the Hillman City Collaboratory.  V&M’ers span a wide variety of beliefs and come from all over Seattle but most live within walking distance of the Collab.  The community is deeply committed to this neighborhood.  V&M is rooted in the progressive, mystical, and liberationist Christian traditions with an eagerness for wisdom from all spiritual paths.

V&M activities include an interactive, inclusive Sunday gathering (4:00-5:30pm on Sundays at the Collaboratory), numerous small groups that meet in peoples’ homes, and many of social justice actions, including their home-made holiday “Table-Turning Monday.”  Their website is:

Community Arts Create


Community Arts Create (CAC) strives to build community through self-discovery and shared experience.  We work to enhance a richer way of life by creating harmony through creative expression within Seattle’s very diverse culture. Simply put, CAC partners with the community to create cultural competency through art of all forms.

Our Approach

We hope to help Southeast Seattle express their artistic identity through programs, exhibitions, performances and art installations.  We foster values intrinsic to art and artists: collaboration, patience, sensitivity, and the celebration of the collective achievement.

We realize that Southeast Seattle represents an amalgam of culture unique to the United States.  CAC strives to be the unifying agent, using art as the vehicle for cultural integration and, ultimately, cultural acceptance.

We know that art mirrors life and life mirrors art.  Creativity is an attribute that can be applied to any profession, any endeavor, and any discipline.  It exists with that in mind that CAC exists – to encourage creativity, competency, and pride for everyone in our community.

Learn more about CAC at our webpage:

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