About Families of Color Seattle

FOCS logoFOCS by the water

The FOCS vision is to provide a cultural cornerstone and a creative blend of family programming, child-centered play and an intergenerational space for families to gather. To achieve our vision, we have opened Cornerstone Café, which will provide entrepreneurial avenues for parents to integrate conscious parenting to perpetuate a global culture of inclusivity, community building and play-centered learning. Our values are global community, inclusivity, entrepreneurship, and  women of color & mother leadership.

FOCS joined the Collaboratory as an anchor partner in September 2014.  Operating the Cornerstone Cafe and wonderful multi-cultural family programming.  Learn more at: focseattle.com


About FOCS founder Amy Pak

Amy HyunAh Pak is the mother of two boys, raising a vibrant 5 year old and an intuitive 2.5 year old explorer. Amy is a community educator, social change worker, and an immigrant transracial Korean adoptee. Her global experiences teaching and volunteering in Korea and Brasil have opened the doors of the Pak home to a thriving international community of musicians, artists, and activists.


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