Work Trades, Volunteering, and Internships

The Collaboratory is a truly grassroots project that exists because of the support of many community members and organizations. The Collab is like an extended family. Contractors have donated their services, companies have donated materials, community members have donated their labor, hundreds of individuals have given financially, and we’d be nowhere without the volunteers who have helped this place run for years. As we continue to grow, we’re reorganizing responsibilities and want to make sure all our relationships are symbiotic. Instead of volunteers, we’re initiating work-trade partnerships. Work-trades are a way for people to volunteer for a specific role, but instead of simply volunteering, people will receive access to the Collaboratory as either coworkers or event hosts as compensation. We get the help we need and our work-trade partners get free specified access to the Collaboratory. For example, you could volunteer for the role of event staff assistant twice a month and receive eight hours a month of coworker hours.

To inquire further, please email

Internship opportunities

We are now accepting interns who want to develop skills needed to advance social change.  Interns will gain valuable skills particularly important in the non-profit world such as: organizing, community building, strategic planning, communications, neighborhood engagement, program development, fundraising, and financial and facility management.  Depending on the intern’s needs, it is possible to work under the auspices of Community Arts Create or Valley & Mountain, both 501c3 non-profit organizations.

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