Donor Wall

Thank You To All Our Generous Donors for Your Support!

The Collaboratory would not exist without your donations!

Founding Sponsors:
The People of Valley & Mountain Fellowship
The People of Community Arts Create

Mount Rainier Donors ($10,000+ in contributions):
The Youth and Staff of YouthCare
Stevie Clifton & Hannah Kwon
Matt Mickelson & Marilee Jolin

Mount Baker Donors ($5,000-$9,999)
Becca & Tod Bruce
DJ Electric & Construction
Debra McLeod and Jay Sears Foundation
Elizabeth Hunter
Stansbury Family Foundation
Frederica & John Helmiere

Mount Adams Donors ($2,500-$4,999)
Hinge Studio
Karen Willie

Mount St. Helens Donors ($1,000-$2,499)
Al Ferkovich & Joyce Houser-Ferkovich
Arthur & Courtney Peterson
Artisan Drywall
Erik Turnberg
Julian Herrera
Keith Campbell
Millard & Rob Melnyk
Peggy & Dane Ingram
The People of Edmonds United Methodist Church

All Donors
Adam Rak
Al Ferkovich & Joyce Houser-Ferkovich
Alayna White
Alexis C Jolly
Alexis Ettinger
AllStar Lock & Safe
Amanda Cooke
Amy Greene
Angela & Harrison Clement
Ann E Adkinson
Ann W Harper
Anne Howard
Anonymous (25 more)
Anonymous dedicated To Progress
Anonymous in honor of C
Anonymous in honor of Cara’s Christmas!
Anonymous in honor of Debbie & Floyd Lopez
Anonymous in honor of Freddie- Our good friend from Dartmouth, Nicaragua, and Lwala Kenya.  Her good work continues.
Anonymous in honor of Harrison, Angela, Wesley, and Elise Clement
Anonymous in honor of our niece, Cara Bertron!
Anonymous in honor of the Helmiere-ling, and the great work being done by his/her parents!
Anonymous in the name of Philip Lowe, Cara Bertron’s grandfather
Arthur & Courtney Peterson
Artisan Drywall
Avishai B Nagy
Ballard Outdoor
Barbara Fulton
Becca & Tod Bruce
Beth A Estock
Brady W Collins
Brandon and Kara Casey Adams
Brian Ballentine
Bryan Chaffe
Cahalen Morrison
Caitlin Watkins
Cara Bertron
Caroline Van Harmelen
Catherine Livaudais
Chandler & Valerie Bricklemyer
Christopher Lampkin
Christopher M Allison
Clayton McClintock
Craig & Diana Rashkow
Craig E Parker
Danielle Alvarado
David & Susan Olson
David Leong
David McCune
David Shipman
Dawn Klinghoffer
Debra McLeod and Jay Sears Foundation
DJ Electric & Construction
Drew Arnold
Elizabeth Boyapati
Elizabeth Hunter
Elizabeth Travis Allen
Emily Naftalin
Emily Rome
Eric Chaves
Eric D Rollence
Erik Turnberg
Frederica & John Helmiere
Gabriel Marowitz
Gary and Alyse Read
Heath Reinhard
Heather Duffy
Henry and Treadwell Atkins
Heroes for the Homeless
Hinge Studio
Howard Gutknecht
Iain McConnell
James Black
James H Austin
James Halttunen
James Lamb
James Lin
Jan Jaffe
Jane Dacey
Jay and Mattie Pearlman
Jean C Berolzheimer
Jennifer OBrien & Chris Cheek
Jessica Breznau
Jessica Echols
Joan Holmes
John Maxwell
Jonathan Kling
Jonathan Lawson
Joseph Horrell
Julian Herrera
Julie Ferrel
Justin Haaheim
Karen Willie
Keith Campbell
Kelle Rose
Kelly Barr Clingan
Kelly Sheridan & Cortney Cusack
Kimberlee Boshaw
Kimberly Cordes & Scott Metzler
Lance Moore
Lee Callender
Linda & Simon
Linda Sikora
Lindsay Harvath
Liora E Danan
Lowes on Rainier Ave
Luc and Lieve De Wulf
Lydia Z Sohn
Margaret & Dane Ingram
Mari Kim
Martine Stillman
Mary Huycke
Matthew Laferty
Matthew W Miller
Max Berde
Melinda Anderson
Melissa Wiginton
Michelle Shrader
Mieke & Rik Ghesquiere
Millard & Rob Melnyk
Morgan Shimabuku
mouse princess & cello goblin
Nicholas DiSalvatore
Nick Hall
Noemie Vassilakis
Paisley Gray
Peggy & Dane Ingram
Pete Intravartolo
Peter Sokol-Hessner
Philip Lowe
Rainier Valley Food Bank
Rebecca A. Roy
Rebecca K. Cate
Richard A. Lang
Richard A. Mona
Robby J Slowik
Rodger King
Rosanna Yates Bailey
Sam Osborne
Sarah Will
Sasha Bobylev
Scott & Maribeth Claassen
Scout Building Inspection
Seattle District of the United Methodist Church Builders Club
Second Use
Shana Schasteen
Soren Godbersen
Stephan & Angeline Thomas
Stephen & Abby Benito
Stephen D Blackmer
Stephen Helmstadter
Stephen Maluk
Stevie Clifton & Hannah Kwon
Susan Fey
Taylor Gaar
Terry Chadsey
The People of Edmonds United Methodist Church
The Youth and Staff of YouthCare
Theron Shaw
Ulysses Hillard
Victora J Pollyea & Archie Gianella
William & Laney Vaughan
Zack Stephens


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