Featured Partner of the Month : JCS

We started Jones Community Solutions (JCS) in 2013 when we were homeless and trying to navigate our way through various non-profit services and organizations. Over the three years we have been in need of and utilizing these services, we have found the same thing time and time again – kind, caring, complete one-on-one service is becoming a thing of the past. In an effort to help the masses, individuals are lost in the shuffle daily and with profound negative effects. We found too that the organizations responsible for helping have workers who are over-worked, under-paid (if paid at all) and are given very little creative control in the work they perform. These experiences resulted in the start of a business where we provide kind, caring and complete one-on-one social services to each client we receive and a helping hand to the organizations that help us all.

We feel one of the most important services we can provide to our clients (and homeless clients specifically) is access to staying in touch with anyone who cares for and supports them and the ability to stay in contact with all of the services they need. To that end, our primary function is to distribute free cell phones through the Lifeline Program. We also provide support to the homeless community, help with re-entry (from Incarceration and Homelessness), help with family reunification and we provide volunteer services to multiple non-profit organizations in King County.

To date we have signed up over 1000 clients for the Lifeline Program. These clients have often turned into clients of ours for other reasons. Many of them are homeless, so we collect donations for them. Food, clothing, hygiene items and diapers are all things we’ve collected and distributed. We have clients working their way back from being incarcerated and homeless and a phone is always where they need to start. Beyond that, we help daily however we are able. We have been to court on behalf of clients. We have connected clients with store owners in the neighborhood willing to dress them up for court or job interviews. We have connected clients with shelters we knew for sure were taking people immediately. We have helped secure housing. We have advocated for clients and been references for clients to get into programs and/or jobs. We do all of this for free to the client.

Our work with clients and our own personal experiences have introduced us to some pretty amazing organizations and the phenomenal people that make them go. We have been inspired to try to help them as much as we help each individual client we take on. We have done food, book and postage drives, provided administrative and managerial skills through volunteer hours, volunteered in existing positions as well as created them as needed, delivered donations to organizations and co-hosted a free Thanksgiving Day feast for all.

These are the things we do here at JCS. We bridge gaps between organizations and the real individuals that need them and we help those individuals build solid life foundations. Thank you for taking notice.


Javan & Annette Jones
Jones Community Solutions